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The best marketing strategies start with planning. Whatever you've got to sell, you'll experience the greatest degree of success after the greatest degree of intelligent planning. We've been doing this a long time, and experience has taught us many important lessons that we pass on to our customers every day. Next time, call us early and let our experience work for you in making your next campaign the best one yet!

Experience: Thanks to our diverse and active customers, we advertise all of the time in all parts of the country and internationally. From Angus bulls to Hampshire gilts to Lowline bred heifers, we have 20 years of experience in developing high-impact advertising campaigns that generate results. We'll be happy to build one — or many — for you.

Efficiency: We believe in efficiency when it comes to designing our advertising strategies. Bigger and more prevalent is not always best in the livestock world; often times the best ads in the best locations for the best prices generate the best results. Our experience will help save you money while creating more customers along the way. We don't need to manage your auction or event for us to be able to assist you in planning and advertising it. You may use all or part of the services that we provide. Give us a call and we'll design a package just right for you!

Our customers count on us to find them great deals! From livestock investments to consignment openings to great exposure opportunities, we're always on the lookout for ways to get ahead of the competition.

Selling Service: Every day is Sale Day at PrimeTIME as we always have information on livestock for sale. From one herd sire to two great show barrows to one hundred replacement females, we fill all sorts of orders for all sorts of showmen and producers. The livestock we've selected and sold have won the toughest shows in the business and returned as well as any investment you'll find. We match specific items to fill specific needs by knowing the business, traveling the world, and putting our customers first.

Buying Service: Our customers trust us to make great recommendations and decisions on their behalf. Every day we locate, investigate, discuss, and purchase livestock for our customers. Just like our other projects: knowledge, experience, planning, and execution yield the greatest degree of success when it comes to buying replacement seed stock.

Anyone can win once. The greatest test of any winning program is a combination of success and endurance. How successful can you make your outfit and how long can you make it last?

We're pleased that our relationships with several of our customers and events have lasted since before the turn of the century. We do our best to work with our customers to build programs that win today and over the longhaul.

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