Denver - The Ultimate Cow Show

Ok, so I am waaayyyy behind on my blogging. Woefully behind. The good news is that other things seem to be going quite well in a great winter sale season so far. Here’s hoping it keeps up because we’ve sure got the goods for the next few months.

Anyway, I’ve got to write something after the recent Denver Stock Show trip. What can I say? It’s the greatest cow show on earth and there is so much to see and do there that I certainly cannot sum it all up here. The biggest thing I got from Denver this year is that everyone seemed to be very optimistic and excited about things to come. Sure, corn is high priced but, on the bright side, corn is high priced. Enthusiasm was running high and for good reason as the sales were strong and attendance seemed to be excellent.

All of the auctions that I attended were excellent with large crowds and plenty of strong bidding. The $130,000-valued Simmental bull - I think they will call him Excalibur, a son of The Foreman that Ruby Company sold in the Denver Mile High Sale to John Lee, AZ - looked to be worth every penny. He sure created a lot of buzz throughout the grounds and will no doubt cause the same commotion this spring breeding season. The weekday Angus sales were back to strong demand and strong premiums and the Maine, Simmental, and Chi Sales seemed to be humming along nicely. It’s great to be in the auction business when things are going well.

The club calf display bulls were more interesting than ever, in my opinion. Lots of strong new bulls with a few more angles and promotional quirks plus several clones running free in the Yards. I always enjoy seeing the bulls as young ones and then watching them become famous or just fade away; the proof is in the pedigree more often than not. Some favorites of mine from 2011 include “Bulletproof” (a THF Heat Wave son of Dirty Hairy’s dam), “DSUL Man Up” (a Who Da Man son of the 138M donor that sold in the Frozen Gold last year from eggs that were purchased the year before), “Flashback” (a Who Made Who son from Triple B’s Blackberry donor), “Destination” (a Sooner son of WAG Hairietta), “X” and “X2″ (sons of GVC Statesman from Nowatzke’s great 84M donor), and Lautner Farms presented a stouter array of new sires than they have in past years. There is so much to see that I am positive that I missed plenty but I can’t say I didn’t try - the Yards is a very busy place on a sunny weekend and sometimes those bulls can be hard to find.

The Denver Stock Show can be a confusing place. So many people, so many cattle with so many pedigrees, so many sales, so many shows; it can be a little overwhelming. One thing is for sure: the cattle are getting better and the shows are getting harder to win. It is quite an honor to own a National Western banner and I salute all of those who brought them home in 2011. Your new hardware is well-deserved because when you conquer The Mile High Stock Show, you’ve surely done something worth remembering. I am already looking forward to 2012!

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